Black Out App

Black Out App

An App that monitors power failures (as you say Black Out) and inform you via alarm and/or email.

Black Out also emails you when power has been restored.


• Will wake you up when sleeping.

• Handy in areas with tornados or earthquakes (usually power fails before the tornado).

• Vital information when using sensitive electrical equipment


• Check all the settings that suits your situation.

• Enable email notifications and type your email for the power notifications to be delivered (your email will be used only for power notifications)

• Connect charger to your device - Thunder turns blue

• Press blue thunder - App starts monitoring with animation

• When power has failed (stops charging) it will give you an alert, a sound (if enabled) and will send you an email (if enabled)

• App is also providing a flashlight for your convenience.

* App must be open in order to monitor for power failures. Is you close the app, the monitor stops and no alarm or email will delivered to you.

Please play with Black Out to see how it works, and enjoy it.

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