myLocation App

iTools App

WHAT IS IT :: An everyday & emergency multitool always in your pocket

WHO IT’S FOR :: Actually everyone!

WHY IS USEFUL :: It gives you important location information, can alarm and provide crucial seconds when an earthquake occurs especially during sleeping, can share an exact location by using coordinates, and much more.



It shows you all the necessary information all in one place and one screen.

• Compass with Heading and Degrees

• Altitude

• Speed

• Latitude & Longitude

By pressing on altitude and speed, measurement unit is changed:

• Altitude: Feet, Miles, Nautical Miles, Meters, Kilometers

• Speed: Knots, Miles per Hour, Kilometers per Hour, Meters per Second

In addition, this app gives you flashlight tools, designed for finding things at emergency situations.


It can alarm you at night and can save you important seconds to act as planned on an earthquake. In addition can inform you of power failures which is usually before a tornado.

It senses and translates movements into the four most used earthquake intensity scales in the world:

• Shindo (Japan)


• Liedu (China)

• Mercalli (World)

*seismos is the greek word “σεισμός” that means earthquake


You can also send your current location or any other point in the map. You have options to send the precise location through email or a message (iMessage, SMS), save it as a new contact, open it in maps or copy the coordinates link to paste it anywhere you like.

You can even attach a vCard contact file with your location!


In case you need this app in your language, please contact support!

* Internet connectivity (3G or WiFi) required for some functions

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