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Seismometer App

An App that monitors earthquakes right where you are and helps you save crucial seconds.

Seismometer is the device that measures earthquakes - seismos is the Greek word for earthquakes.

This App uses a special designed algorithm that senses the motion of the device and convert it into 4 major earthquake scales:

Shindo (Japan) link

USGS (USA) link

Liedu (China) link

Mercalli (World) link


• Will save you crucial seconds to react during an earthquake.

• Will wake you up when sleeping.

• Handy in areas with tornados or earthquakes.

• Will inform you much quicker than websites or TV


• Choose your favorite earthquake scale.

• Choose alarm level

• Place your device on a table

• Press inside circles to start monitor

• Move the table a little to observe how any movement is translated into scale levels using various colors.


• Read the scale info by tapping "?" next to perceived shaking description

• Plug in your original charger

• Place the device in a surface that is completely stable and nothing can move it, e.g. floor without any carpet is ideal

• If you need the visual alarm (pulsing light) to be visible you can place it face down or at the edge of a bedside table with the flashlight of the camera facing the floor

• Adjust the brightness of the screen to the lowest level


• Choose the level of desired earthquake intensity

• Tap the circles in the centre of the screen "Initialising Alarm" appears on the screen for 5 seconds

• The seismometer is on, monitoring any movement or earthquake happening real time

• Tap the circles again to stop monitoring any movement

* App must be open for monitor to function. If you close the app, the monitor stops and no alarm will happen.

The detection consumes less than 10% / hour (according to measurements - non-binding results) and it is recommended to leave your device connected to your original charger and in charging mode. The screen will always be on during detection so that you can see the scan results up to that point without any action.