IDEA to Product





We Care.

Hello, I'm Apostolos,
a Software Architect
from Thessaloniki, Greece.

Combining my engineering background with my design & software skills, concluded in the creation of a digital lab that can evolve any digital idea, design it, build it and manage it to become live and healthy.

DIGILAB8 is a lab connected to the right people with the suitable skills for designing, developing and managing software for any digital device that has a screen.

Our evolution comes from collaboration & personal connection.

Idea evolution

You have an idea of a new product.
Together we can outline the best possible solution using the latest technologies.

UI_UX Research

Interface & Experience are the key elements on everything we interact with. Empathy on user needs (target group) comes from proper research.


The product scenario will incorporate the latest methods on design & psychology. Together with an incredible attention to details.

Mobile_Web Development

We have the "know how" to develop a cross-platform product. And we deliver it.


Correct preparation with excellent development skills (execution), equals to the final product.


Product is alive & healthy. We are here to support, expand & bring in new technologies & practices.

We Care.

At DIGILAB8 we speak natural and understandable language. Our aim is to make technology accessible to everyone.

Public Works

Private Projects Remain Private

iOS Apps
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